With it’s links to the legend of Robin Hood, the Lace industry (Hence the Lace Market name), Nottingham is full of history and culture and what better way to spend your lockdown daily exercise – on foot or bike – than exploring the most Instagrammable locations around Lace Market Studios.

Cobden Chambers.

When we aren’t in a lockdown Cobden Chambers are full of creative businesses selling vintage items, boutique fashion and jewellery to name a few. Plus, a load of tasty street food vendors.

During lockdown, there’s a unique opportunity to take some edgy urban photography in the empty courtyard and of the Victorian buildings with no one around.

The Chambers are just a 5-minute walk from Lace Market Studios and are located on Pelham Street. Click here for the walking route from Lace Market.

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Nottingham Council House.

There’s no more iconic or Instagrammable Nottingham location than the council house. Are you really a Nottingham student if there’s not at least one pic of the city’s centrepiece on your Instagram grid? Need a couple of facts for the caption?

  • 1. The dome is 200 feet high.
  • 2. It was built between 1927 and 1929.
  • 3. It houses the deepest toned clock bell in the UK which weighs 10 tonnes and can be heard 7 miles away.
  • 4. The Entrance Hall has columns, walls, floor and made from Italian marble.

The Council house is a 7-minute walk from Lace Market Studios.

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Nottingham Castle & Castle Road.

Nottingham Castle and Castle Road are just a 15-minute walk from Lace Market Studios and puts your right into the most Instagrammable of Nottingham locations, from the Robin Hood Statue to the Castle Walls and Grounds and all the cobbled streets that lead away from the Castle grounds. And if that classic London Instagram image of a Victorian white-washed house is more your thing you can recreate the look on the pedestrianised section of Castle Gate road.

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Victoria Embankment.

Want to go for a longer walk or even a bike ride?
Then take a walk or cycle down the canal towpath to Victoria Embankment and take in the ornate iron and stone marvel of Trent Bridge.
 For a different angle on this Instagrammable location check out the flood marks on the northern end of the bridge where the high water marks have been carved into the stonework since 1852.

For some inspiration take a look at the Instagram Location Trent Bridge and for the walking route click here.

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