So, you’ve booked your room to live with us in September. And with at least three years of living in Nottingham to look forward to, you’ll want to get to know the local dialect.

With these 20 words and phrases you’ll be able to call yourself a true Nottinghamian in no time!

  1. Back-end weather – you’ll be saying this a lot in October and November in Nottingham! It means autumnal weather.
  2. Blather-yeded – if you’re ever called this it means a silly person.
  3. Bobbos – When out in the Nottingham countryside and someone shouts watch those bobos it means horses.
  4. Bobbar – In one of Nottingham’s many museums and someone shouts bobbar it means please don’t touch.
  5. Corsey – Stick to the corsey or pavement.
  6. Dog shelf – means floor.
  7. Eyya gorrowt – Have you got anything.
  8. Fossneck – It’s someone who’s a bit of a know-it-all.
  9. Gizzagoo – Basically means it’s my turn now. So, when you’re with your mates on the Xbox or PS4 just say gizzagoo.
  10. Kaylied – it means drunk or very drunk!
  11. Kekkle – means bottle. Pass me that kekkle.
  12. Colly nobs – come Christmas Day will you be having Colly nobs on your plate? It means Brussel sprouts.
  13. Nebbeh – hey nebbeh, keep out of it. Nebbeh means nosy.
  14. Owdya Orsuzz – means please be patient in Nottingham.
  15. Put wood in t’ole – means to close the door.
  16. Shot cottins – means close the curtains.
  17. Sucker – means ice lolly.
  18. Sweating cobs – Jeez I’m sweating cobs today, means it’s very warm.
  19. Warra yer on wi? – means what are you doing?
  20. Silin’ dahn – it’s silin’ dahn out there! – means very heavy rain.

What local words and phrases have you heard? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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