As students, it’s all too tempting to put off today, what we can do tomorrow. That essay isn’t due in for another month so it can wait, right? Or, perhaps you’ve decided to be really productive and have already made a start on the essay nice and early, but you soon find yourself preoccupied with the likes of Netflix, WhatsApp and Social Media?

Whatever the reason, you may find that the essay which should only take you a couple of days to complete, ends up taking weeks and results in you feeling pressured to meet the deadline. However, this is easily avoidable with a little self-discipline, check out our tips below:

Deactivate your social network accounts
We all know how easy it is to have a quick look at your phone and check your notifications, then before you know it, hours have passed and you find yourself aimlessly scrolling through random videos and memes. Though this might amuse you and give you a little laugh for the day, they probably won’t provide much inspiration for your 5,000-word essay. So, to avoid the distractions of social media, try temporarily deactivating your accounts or locking your phone away for a while so you can focus on your work.

Prepare a calendar  
Make use of your smart phone’s calendar or go old school with a physical diary or calendar so you know exactly what’s going on. Complete with dates such as test dates, extra-curricular activity dates, dates when assignments are due in and any upcoming exam dates.  This will help you to prepare in advance and is another great way to ensure that you manage your time well.

Create a study schedule
Consider all the work and revision that you have to do, and decide how much time you need to spend on each topic and how much free time you have. Then allocate your free time accordingly, planning how you will spend each day until you have achieved your goals – and stick to it! After a successful day of studying, reward yourself with some ‘you time’; meet friends, go to the cinema, take a walk through the park, anything to clear your mind so you’re ready to start afresh tomorrow.

Write to rewrite
The first thing you write is probably not going to be the final piece you hand in. So, start by writing a first draft of your essay and don’t worry about mistakes at this stage – you can correct them later. The aim of writing a rough draft is to put your words down on paper and make a start. Once you have a rough draft and structure in place, you can then build on it and make appropriate corrections to make your essay more refined and polished.

We hope that these tips will help you feel more organised and ready to take on the day ahead!

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