If you’re rushing home in between lectures to grab a bite to eat at lunch time, or don’t have long to eat before heading out for the evening, give one of these great meals a try. They’re quick and easy to make, so you’ll still have enough time to make it back to your lectures or meet your friends on time!

Pizza baguettes
Whether you’re having them as a light bite or a main meal, these pizza baguettes are so quick and easy to make we guarantee your hunger will be satisfied in no time. Keep it plain and simple with cheese and tomato, or liven things up with some extra toppings such as peppers and tuna.

Pot noodle
No, this isn’t the ready-made instant pot noodle you’re thinking of. We’re talking about a much better, fresher and healthier version that you can make yourself. Packed with flavour, this smoky bacon noodle dish can be made in less than 10 minutes.

Vegetarian curry
This 20-minute vegetarian curry is perfect for a weeknight dinner. Packed with butternut squash, lentils and spinach, it’s a healthy option too. And as it serves four, you can use the leftovers and warm them up for a quick lunchtime meal the following day.

Mexican bean burgers
Add some spice to your life with these Mexican bean burgers with lime yogurt and salsa to accompany them. Serve with salad for a lighter, healthier option or in a bun with some fries for a more filling treat. Stick any leftover burgers in the freezer and they’re ready to cook from frozen for another day.

Chicken Caesar salad
Salad might seem like a ‘boring’ choice for some. But with a flavourful dressing, crispy croutons, cheese shavings and chicken, this Caesar salad is more than your average salad bowl. You can even add some crispy bacon for extra flavour and crunch. You can even pack this up in a box and take it with you to university for a healthy lunch.