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Riddle me this: Why play an Escape room?

As a student daytime TV and challenge TV is a must. You all sit around discussing who would do which challenge, who would be in your team and how good you would be. Well no longer do you need to just talk about it, you can actually take part. That’s right you can enter a fully themed escape room with your team and see if your dream team really can escape.

It’s like Crystal Maze, crossed with Sherlock, crossed with Saw, crossed with Doctor Who, crossed with Fun House, crossed with Indiana Jones.

What more could you ask for?


epi-centre-chemicals-002If you like your puzzles on the tricksy side and want a truly immersive Nottingham escape room experience, Escapologic will do it for you. Their escape rooms are as intricate as the caves below Nottingham. As you step into the room you will forget where you are as you become totally immersed by the outstanding theming.  You will feel as though you are escaping the Crypt or the Earthquake, or if you are looking for the real scare factor, the Butcher. Escapologic’s rooms are like no other in Nottingham they really do take the escape room to the next level, with their theming, staff and puzzles. If you haven’t tried an escape room then this is the place for you and if you have then you need to try this one too.

Which Room should I choose?

It’s all down to personal preference of theme, really. Curio is really clever but Crypt-ic is the winner for me.  It’s got that whole Indiana Jones treasure hunter thing going on. And who doesn’t want to be Indy? The amount of content in Crypt-ic is staggering. There are some puzzles in there that can only be solved if you’ve got people located in different chambers, performing hands-on tasks and cracking cryptic clues as a team.

Why play Escapologic in a nutshell: brilliant theming, believable stories, great variety of puzzles and challenges, plenty of things to find, and different difficulty levels for various rooms.

So whichever theme you choose, you truly will be transported into that premise and have an unforgettable hour, the only question left is, can you escape?

Find out more about Escapologic’s escape rooms here