Get involved with the #HostEnvironmentalPledge


As October draws to a close, it’s hard to believe that university and lectures have been in full swing for several weeks already; where has the time gone?

And as you settle into your accommodation, if you haven’t already, we’d love for you to get involved with the #HostEnvironmentalPledge campaign.

What is the #HostEnvironmentalPledge campaign?

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We want to become more environmentally friendly and drive sustainability at Lace Market Studios. With the help from those living with us, we’re aiming to reduce our overall utilities (gas, electric and water) consumption by saving energy.

By adopting small actions such as turning off lights when leaving a room, or unplugging chargers when not in use, you can help. And in return for saving energy, we will be donating money to charity.

If we can reduce our overall energy consumption at Host by 1% then we will donate £10,000 to charity. A 2% reduction will see a donation of £20,000. 3% is £30,000, and so on. The 3 charities we’ve chosen to donate the money to at the end of the campaign are LandAidStudent Minds and Just A Drop.

While we recognise that switching things off isn’t the solution to climate change on its own, we think saving energy is a good building block. The actions adopted will also help to save you money on your bills if you move into private accommodation in the future. Not only that, but you will be helping to support these charitable causes through responsible living.

So, if you’re a current resident living with us, pop down to reception and find out more about making your pledge and how to get involved.

Keep an eye out throughout the year for more information on the campaign, the charities we’ll be supporting and some top energy saving tips!

4 study tips for students


As students, it’s all too tempting to put off today, what we can do tomorrow. That essay isn’t due in for another month so it can wait, right? Or, perhaps you’ve decided to be really productive and have already made a start on the essay nice and early, but you soon find yourself preoccupied with the likes of Netflix, WhatsApp and Social Media?

Whatever the reason, you may find that the essay which should only take you a couple of days to complete, ends up taking weeks and results in you feeling pressured to meet the deadline. However, this is easily avoidable with a little self-discipline, check out our tips below:

Deactivate your social network accounts
We all know how easy it is to have a quick look at your phone and check your notifications, then before you know it, hours have passed and you find yourself aimlessly scrolling through random videos and memes. Though this might amuse you and give you a little laugh for the day, they probably won’t provide much inspiration for your 5,000-word essay. So, to avoid the distractions of social media, try temporarily deactivating your accounts or locking your phone away for a while so you can focus on your work.

Prepare a calendar  
Make use of your smart phone’s calendar or go old school with a physical diary or calendar so you know exactly what’s going on. Complete with dates such as test dates, extra-curricular activity dates, dates when assignments are due in and any upcoming exam dates.  This will help you to prepare in advance and is another great way to ensure that you manage your time well.

Create a study schedule
Consider all the work and revision that you have to do, and decide how much time you need to spend on each topic and how much free time you have. Then allocate your free time accordingly, planning how you will spend each day until you have achieved your goals – and stick to it! After a successful day of studying, reward yourself with some ‘you time’; meet friends, go to the cinema, take a walk through the park, anything to clear your mind so you’re ready to start afresh tomorrow.

Write to rewrite
The first thing you write is probably not going to be the final piece you hand in. So, start by writing a first draft of your essay and don’t worry about mistakes at this stage – you can correct them later. The aim of writing a rough draft is to put your words down on paper and make a start. Once you have a rough draft and structure in place, you can then build on it and make appropriate corrections to make your essay more refined and polished.

We hope that these tips will help you feel more organised and ready to take on the day ahead!

Looking for student accommodation in Nottingham for September 2018? To find out more about our student accommodation at Lace Market Studios please contact us today on 01158 240 590 or

A lazy afternoon in Nottingham


Got the afternoon off? You are lucky – I suggest you go and buy a lottery ticket…but there’s no guarantee you’ll win.  If you want a guaranteed way to enjoy your afternoon off then head to Nottingham’s Lace market.   A lovely way to spend a morning, an afternoon, an evening or all three!  But let’s starts with something to eat.

1: 12:30

After a busy morning doing anything or nothing Lunch usually appears.  Kick start your afternoon with lunch special from Ugly Bread Bakery.  Watch the world go by outside while you dine on fresh baked sandwiches, pizza and other hot treats.

2: 1:30

Take a stroll down the road – just a little bit and give your brain and fingers some exercise at the National Videogame Arcade, from retro classics to arcade favourites, one player or two – we are from game over.

3: 2:30

Got those fingers muscles pumped? Ok, exit and turn right time for some ‘not on the high street’ retail therapy in Void, White Rose and Wild Clothing…fear not Wall Street stocks will remain unaffected because you won’t be paying silly prices but you will be getting something handpicked, vintage and truly unique!


Have you shopped? Have you dropped? Okay sugar rush time!!!  Head to Lee Rosy for an unmissable pot of loose leaf tea and something made of cake to keep it company.  Feet up and enjoy the eclectic playlist and lazy afternoon vibe.


Feeling refreshed? Okay time to beat the crowd and enjoy sofa movie.  Cross the road (look both ways) and you’re in Broadway cinema (Mr Tarantino’s favourite cinema I’ve heard).  You can guarantee that they will have something for everyone and after all that tea, cake, shopping, gaming and lunch – you deserve it.  Soak up the culture, romance, action, classic film or comedy of your choice.

6: 7

Next, cross back over the street and head directly to Edin’s for dinner.  How easy was that? Well, wait until you see the menu – everything is mouth-watering, everything is in budget and everything is gooood! Bon Appetite.

7: 8:30

You want more? Ok night mode and time for a drink.  You really are spoilt for choice (again!).   Well, as you are already in the Lace Market why not try the Lace House? Fine selection of beverages to suit whatever mood you maybe in. Tonight might be international meet up night or there could be live music.  There always seems to be something happening here!

8: How late do you want to finish?  Well that’s up to you…

Here at Lace Market Studios all of our have a purpose built study area as a standard AND our students are able to take advantage of our clean and airy communal study areas. To find out how you can join our thriving student community please contact us today on 01158 240 590 to arrange a viewing.

Making your way to the Lace Market Studios Show Suite


Nottingham’s a big place, and it’s easy to get lost, so we thought we’d lend you a hand with our helpful “Finding your way to The Lace Market Studios Show Suite video guide” (Catchy, right?), courtesy of our ever helpful student accommodation Property Manager, Tim Halliday.  We’re looking forward to seeing you there.