Beating the back to uni blues

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January; it’s cold, it’s dark and the festive fun is over for another year. You may have spent the past few weeks with family and friends, indulging in delicious food and drink, and enjoying long lie ins. But now it’s back to university, and back to the reality of revision, exams and a busy semester – it’s enough to make anyone feel a little blue.

But it doesn’t have to be all bad. It’s the start of a new year, which should be seen as a positive thing. You’ve got a whole year ahead of you to embrace opportunities, work hard and achieve your goals – whilst having fun and making wonderful memories along the way. Below are a few tips to help keep you positive and upbeat during the post-Christmas period…

1. Catch up with your friends
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Saying goodbye to your family and friends from home can be tough after the holidays, but don’t forget as you head back to your accommodation, your uni friends will be doing the same too so you won’t be alone. As it’s probably been a few weeks since you’ve all seen each other, why not arrange to get together and catch up on all the gossip before term starts?

2. Have a detox
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For most people, Christmas is an indulgent time of year with most diets going out the window. And after a few weeks of over eating and drinking, you may be feeling lethargic and bloated – which certainly won’t do your mood any favours. So, ditch the carbs and junk food and give your body a healthy detox. Opt for fresh, colourful and wholesome foods that are packed with vitamins and nutrients to keep you energised. You could even try drinking no alcohol and taking part in Dry January.

3. Focus on your studies

Keeping yourself busy at university and working hard will not only distract you from the January blues and the winter lull, but it will do wonders for your grades. With the first semester already under your belt and only a few months until the end of the year, now is the time to really knuckle down, attend all of your lectures and really focus on being fully prepared for upcoming exams, assignments and dissertations.

4. Look ahead to summer

The shortest day has already passed (21st December), which means things are already looking brighter – quite literally! The evenings will start to gradually get lighter and before we know it summer will be upon us. So, why not start planning how you’ll spend your summer? Whether it’s a holiday abroad, various shorter breaks in the UK, camping or festivals, having something planned will give you something to look forward to and work towards.

Hopefully keeping yourself occupied with something to focus on will lift your spirits and before you know it the long month of January will have passed. But if you are still feeling blue, be sure to talk to someone – whether it be a friend, flatmate, family member or someone at university or here at Host and let them know how you’re feeling.

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